The Sentinel wins Bricks in Motion's THAC XVI!

Frequent collaborator Nathan Wells and I participated in the annual Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest (THAC) on Bricks In Motion, the first collab for a THAC film either of us have worked on. Over the course of a grueling (but rewarding!) 23 hours and 47ish minutes, we were able to successfully submit our film, The Sentinel, for the competition, among 83 other valid entries.

On January 19, it was announced that The Sentinel was named the winner of the contest! I’ve been particularly excited about this one because in the 10 THACs I’ve entered, I haven’t won until now (ironically, one of the times I came closest, I was narrowly beaten by Nate of all people), and just last year, I felt accomplished to have even gotten an entry done in time at all.

So yeah, this is a pretty kickass way to jumpstart the new year! :D Here’s to hopefully more cool stuff happening in 2019!