Commissioned by the YouTube beauty channel i love makeup., and sponsored by Bobbi Brown, this reimagining of the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer tells the story of “Old Hollywood,” a vibrant but shy red lipstick looking for friends but finding only rejection. That is, until a call to action lets its true worth shine!


In 2013, I was contacted by Studio71 about producing a holiday-themed video for Bobbi Brown to showcase one of their new lipstick lines. I was given the basic pitch and logline, and from there I was tasked with storyboarding/layout and fleshing out the finer narrative beats. ILM also sent me a sampler pack of makeup products for proof of concept animation tests, seen here:

Once the concept and storyboards were finalized, I was flown out to Los Angeles for a week to animate the thing. I was set up in a large studio space in Burbank (fun fact: the same studio was being used simultaneously by Daneboe to produce Annoying Orange episodes). It was the first production I’d been on that had an assembled crew with designated tasks. Until that point I had been used to being responsible for and in control of virtually every aspect of production, so it was a neat early learning experience as well as an enormous burden off of my shoulders. Enormous props to my production designer Niko and my DP Colleen, who both did excellent work (and helped make me look good and not like I stumbling through my first “on-set” production!).

Production took the scheduled 5 days, with only one of those days going overtime into the late hours of the night, thankfully. Editing was a relatively straightforward task — one of the perks of stop motion is the ease by which you can shoot and animate to the edits, so I had a pretty clear idea of how the shots would flow from the beginning. When it came to the sound mix, though, I received another lesson in humility and the importance of task delegation. While I was able to provide some rough early sound effects, I actually had very little idea or vision for how it should sound and I was afraid I was going to have to scramble to deliver a quality end product. Luckily, my producers were able to bail me out and found a sound team to drive the video home: John Schaller and musician Gareth Coker.


Directed and Animated by Zach Macias

Produced by Davida Hall and Alesia Gildewell

Lipstick Voices by Irene Young, Lauren Schultz, Alesia Glidewell, Jessie Meck, Anjuli Hinds, Davida Hall

Human Voice by Alesia Gildewell

Production Design by Niko Vilaivongs

Lighting Design by Colleen Marshall

Edited by Zach Macias, John Schaller, and Irene Young

Sound Design by Zach Macias and John Schaller

Score and Sound Mix by Gareth Coker

Production Assistant - Ricardo Rodriguez